21.01.2019 3:29 Minuten
Jenkins 1
Jenkins 2
Jenkins 3
Jenkins 4

Busty Jenkins is bound and gagged on a chair wearing a sexy black pvc dress, this is from an old shoot before i shot HD videos.


03.01.2019 3:58 Minuten Blonde, Bondage, Uniform
Vicki 0
Vicki 1
Vicki 2
Vicki 3
Vicki 4

Sexy blond nurse Vicki is bound and gagged at home wearing her nurses dress, this is from an old shoot before i shot HD videos.


24.11.2018 Ariella 4:07 Minuten Bondage, Fetish, Milf
Ariella 0
Ariella 1
Ariella 2
Ariella 3
Ariella 4

Ariella is now bound on the chair with more tape meaning there is no chance of her getting free.


18.11.2018 Emily 4:14 Minuten Bondage, Fetish
Emily 0
Emily 1
Emily 2
Emily 3
Emily 4

Ebony girl Emily is tied up with rope on the chair and gagged with a scarf, she is wearing jeans and boots.

Red Kali

05.11.2018 Red Kali 4:20 Minuten Bondage, Fetish
Red Kali 0
Red Kali 1
Red Kali 2
Red Kali 3
Red Kali 4

Red Kali is bound and gagged with silver duct tape on the chair wearing a white blouse, mini skirt and boots.

Opheliac Sin

29.09.2018 6:01 Minuten Blonde, Bondage, Fetish
Opheliac Sin 0
Opheliac Sin 1
Opheliac Sin 2
Opheliac Sin 3
Opheliac Sin 4

Lovely blond Opheliac Sin is on the chair in a satin blouse and leather skirt getting chained up, this was from an old shoot before i shot HD videos.


17.07.2018 Leigh 4:16 Minuten Bondage, Milf, Uniform


07.07.2018 Dani 4:27 Minuten Barefoot, Bondage


07.05.2018 Leigh 30 Bilder Bondage
Leigh 0
Leigh 1
Leigh 2
Leigh 3
Leigh 4

Busty Leigh is bound to the chair with tape across her breasts, she is gagged with tape and her hands are cuffed behind her back.


05.05.2018 Sapphire 4:09 Minuten Bondage