19.07.2018 Dani 30 Bilder Bondage, Secretary
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Sexy ebony girl Dani is on a stool wearing a satin blouse and leather skirt, her hands are cuffed behind her back and tape secures her feet and used to gag her.


28.05.2018 Sapphire 30 Bilder Bondage, Secretary, Shoes
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Busty Sapphire is bound and gagged with a satin scarf on her sofa wearing a blouse, mini skirt,fishnets and high heels.


24.12.2017 Emily 4:36 Minuten Bondage


12.09.2017 Ariella 3:52 Minuten Bondage
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Milf secretary Ariella is bound with more rope to the chair wearing a white blouse and black leather skirt, she is gagged with a scarf.