2018-01-21 Ariella 3:55 minutes Bondage
Ariella 0
Ariella 1
Ariella 2
Ariella 3
Ariella 4

Milf Ariella is bound and over the mouth gagged wearing a leather skirt, her tights have been ripped in the struggle.


2018-01-18 Dani 4:31 minutes Bondage
Danielle 0
Danielle 1
Danielle 2
Danielle 3
Danielle 4

Ebony babe Dani is bound with rope and gagged with a bandage on the chair wearing a leather jacket, denim mini skirt and boots. Who can blame her captor from having a feel of her legs and a grope of her boobs.


2018-01-14 Sabrina 3:59 minutes Bondage


2018-01-11 Adreena 4:11 minutes Bondage
Adreena 0
Adreena 1
Adreena 2
Adreena 3
Adreena 4

Lovely Adreena is bound with rope wearing a white blouse, mini skirt and boots, she has also been over the mouth gagged.

Red Kali

2018-01-06 Red Kali 2:57 minutes Bondage
Red Kali 0
Red Kali 1
Red Kali 2
Red Kali 3
Red Kali 4

Red Kali is put in a Straitjacket and then strapped to a chair, she is gagged with a very large ball gag.

Red Kali

2018-01-03 Red Kali 4:47 minutes Bondage
Red Kali 0
Red Kali 1
Red Kali 2
Red Kali 3
Red Kali 4

Red Kali is tied to a chair in a leather jacket and leather skirt, she is well gagged with a ball gag, tape and blue bandage, this is from an old shoot before i shot HD videos.


2017-12-31 Dani 4:02 minutes Bondage

Cate Harrington

2017-12-27 Cate Harrington 3:59 minutes Bondage
Cate Harrington 0
Cate Harrington 1
Cate Harrington 2
Cate Harrington 3
Cate Harrington 4

Lovely Cate Harrington is strapped, cuffed and cleave gagged on a chair in her security guard uniform with a leather skirt.


2017-12-10 Sapphire 4:08 minutes Bondage
Sapphire 0
Sapphire 1
Sapphire 2
Sapphire 3
Sapphire 4

Beautiful Sapphire is bound with rope and over mouth gagged in a blue blouse and mini skirt, the ropes above and below her tits show how busty she is.